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Student Testimonials

The Youth Advisory Panel, composed of current and former foster youth, met regularly during the development of San Pasqual Academy to help shape the Academy vision and program design.

The Youth Advisory Panel’s hopes for San Pasqual Academy…

  • “We want to be challenged.”  Roberta
  • “Give us a good education so we can go to college.”  Iisha
  • “We want to have job skills when we leave the system.”  Jennifer
  • “Teach us things like how to write a check, go grocery shopping, cook, budget our money, find a doctor.  Things we’re going to need to do every day after we graduate. “  Jennifer
  • “Give us responsibilities.”  Iisha
  • “We need to be able to learn how to succeed on our own.”  Sandra

What Academy youth are saying about the program…

  • “The houseparents are great.  They help with school work.”  Yvette
  • “The school program is really good!”  David
  • “The staff is cool.”  Danny
  • There are “computers everywhere!”  Michelle
  • “This was the greatest decision that I have made to come to San Pasqual Academy because it changed my outlook on life.”  Wendell
  • “They’ll help me get a job.”  Patrick
  • “San Pasqual Academy is here to make you feel at home.”  Marcos

How Academy Alumni feel about the program…

  • “San Pasqual Academy was heaven-sent.  We get the attention and help we need.”  Jonathan
  • The Academy can “change your life.  There are a lot of opportunities.”  Diondre
  • “You learn what your wants and needs are, and how to balance them out financially.”  Tiana
  • “San Pasqual Academy was there for my family when there was a tragedy in our lives and we knew that we needed help. They were here with open arms to invite all of us in with the understanding that we needed help and that we can be angry or disappointed at times.  San Pasqual Academy gave a place for all four of us to grow, live, and understand each other in one spot.”  Justeen
  • “San Pasqual Academy gives you the tools and support to be successful in life.”  Cindy
  • “I’m thankful for San Pasqual Academy because it made me grateful for the things that I have in life.”  Monisha
  • The Academy is “a resourceful place for those who apply themselves.”  Juan
  • “You make lifelong friends.”  Juan
  • “This is the best place to come because they help you go to college or to a four-year university.”  Jannette
  • With the Academy’s Alumni Housing Program, “I’ve never been afraid of where I would be going during breaks” while at college.  Simone