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San Pasqual Academy

New Alternatives, Inc.
Tia Moore, Academy Director and San Pasqual Academy Neighbors Director
(760) 233-6000

Rex Sheridan, LMFT, Clinical Director
(760) 741-4300, ext. 21

McKenzie Warfel, Academy Alumni Liaison
(619) 807-1785

San Diego County Office of Education

Yvette Davis, Academy Principal
(760) 233-6003

San Diego Workforce Partnership
Dan Radojevic, Employment Services Coordinator
(760) 233-4028, ext. 301

Kristie Buckley, YES Program Manager
(760) 233-4028, ext. 306

County of San Diego – Health and Human Services Agency

Jay Sakamoto, Protective Services Program Manager
(858) 874-1127

Esther Broers, Child Welfare Services Policy Analyst
(858) 616-5878

Kristin Niemann, Protective Services Supervisor
(760) 233-6288